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Hike for a Change

In the month of May, Dirty Hands Project's co-founder and Ty's Dad, Josh, will be walking ~200 miles to raise awareness around mental health. Josh will follow the Bay Circuit Trail, starting in Kingston, MA and ending in Newburyport, MA. The final miles will follow the beach in Plum Island - Ty's favorite fishing spot. It's time to hike for a change...of scenery, perspective, routine, and more.

Awareness and Education

Detection. Diagnosis. Treatment. Understanding. Advocacy. These are just a few of the steps needed to support those suffering from a mental health disease. Sadly, we need to start talking about this to kids in elementary school as suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for people age 10-14 and 20-34. It's time to start normalizing these conversations and helping those that need us most.

Community Events

Not every kid is good at sports, likes sports, or is able to participate in sports. But every kid needs a community. Community provides us with support, safety, connection, and belonging. At Dirty Hands Project, we are committed to bringing "non conventional" activities and events to our towns and cities. It's time to showcase all of the diverse physical and emotional skills our youth possess.

Ty's Trees of Hope

Research proves that trees provide us humans with a myriad of health benefits - reduced stress, longevity, lowered blood pressure, and increased social interaction. Join the hundreds of people all over the country that have planted Ty's Trees of Hope with family and friends as a way to open up a conversation around mental health. We hope they will be a constant reminder of strength, patience and personal growth. 

The Overnight Walk

Every June, Team Dirty Hands Project walks 18 miles from dusk to dawn with the sole mission of stopping suicide. All funds raised will fund research for suicide prevention, create educational programs, advocate for public policy, and support those affected by suicide. It is a night that will stay with you forever.

Scholarships and Grants

We can't make the change we so desperately need if we go it alone. There are too many points on the mental health continuum that need fixing. That is why Dirty Hands Project is focused on providing scholarships and grants to those with a similar mission to ours. We are excited to fund those that we are confident will make our future brighter by making our loved ones happier.

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