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Dirty Hands Project was created by Josh and Liz Moughan in response to losing their son, Ty, at the age of 18 to suicide in August 2023. For the decade that Ty struggled with depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation, we kept the story to ourselves. We felt it was Ty's alone to share. We will no longer be silent. In Ty's memory, we are committed to making a positive change in the lives of those impacted by mental illness.



We support people and programs that are rolling up their sleeves to better understand and address the needs of those affected by mental illness. For those suffering, we are focused on bringing increased awareness to and education around mental health as a way to help them feel comfortable sharing their struggles and asking for help. For those supporting others with mental illness, our goal is to help them understand and navigate the crucial steps in detection, treatment and advocacy. Everything we do at Dirty Hands Project will mirror the way Ty chose to live life - by focusing on nature, using our voices for those still searching for theirs, and leading with our hearts.


Ty loved all things nature. His dirty hands were proof that he was happiest when he was working with trees, fishing, and tinkering outside. He had a big laugh, infectious smile, and gentle soul. He is forever in our hearts and is our motivation to never stop fighting for those that have been afflicted with a mental health disease.

In his younger years, Ty’s spirit was unmatched. His light burned as bright as his amazing red hair. He very quickly found his love for tools and imitating everything he saw – from mowing the lawn to making pancakes.

As he grew older, Ty was always exploring new passions. His summers were filled with fishing camps, blacksmithing, and building boats. It was common for him to fix an engine and make homemade pasta in the same day. He was a graduate of Essex North Shore Agriculture and Technical High School, where he found his love for trees and his best friends. His plan was to continue his education at the University of Massachusetts Stockbridge School of Agriculture and run the business he had already started - Dude's Tree Care. Ty passed away the week before he was to start his freshman year.

Ty loved his family and his friends hard. He was a protector, mediator, confidant, the voice of reason, and the fixer of all things. He loved his dogs and his truck, power tools, and cheeseburgers, cool fall days, fishing, coffee frappes, Moxie, and his flannel sheets.

In his final words, Ty asked that we not think about what we could have done, but rather what we did and cherish those memories. This world needed Ty. And while he can no longer make an impact himself, our hope is that his legacy will.

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