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We can't make the change we so desperately need if we go it alone. That is why Dirty Hands Project is focused on providing grants to those with a similar mission to ours. We are excited to fund those that will make our future brighter by making our loved ones happier.


Supporting those that are dedicated to ending the mental health epidemic is an important initiative at Dirty Hands Project. Whether you started a mental health club at your high school, plan to go college or be trained to work in the mental health space, or are currently continuing eduction in an area that helps those that are suffering, we want to hear from you.

Youth Club Meeting


Power in numbers. That is what will make Dirty Hands Project successful in its vision of playing a pivotal role in ending the mental health crisis in the United States. We invite you all to take part in our fundraising efforts so that we can provide hard-earned scholarships and grants, focus on awareness and education, host community events, and much more. 

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